Most Lenders Finance Your Past We Finance Your Future!
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Most Lenders Finance Your Past...

We Finance Your Future!

  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • First Time Buyer
  • Charge Offs
  • Foreclosure
  • New Job
  • Multiple Repos
  • Slow Pay
  • No Credit
Buying a car? Need help with financing?
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RedRock Financial can assist you in making the process of buying and financing an automobile not only easy, but stress-free!

RedRock Financial can help you rebuild your credit starting today! We report to the credit bureau every month so that you get the credit you deserve and begin to make the positive changes for your financial future.

RedRock Financial has many dealerships in Northeastern Ohio (Cleveland/Akron) to serve you regardless of credit. We offer quick, easy auto financing to our customers through our affiliated dealers that have a wide selection of vehicles to fit all of your needs.

From our loan application process to the servicing of our loan accounts, our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in customer service.

Why RedRock?

When you're looking to finance a vehicle, you have options. Why should you finance with RedRock?

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We're local.
The RedRock Financial office is located in North Olmsted, Ohio. When you're a customer of other banks, you wait on hold to talk to a representative who is hundreds of miles away. On occasion, we'll speak with a new customer who asks us how our weather is - our answer is always, "The same as yours!" Our customers have the option to come to our office at anytime to make payments or speak with their account representatives.

We know your name.
The entire RedRock Financial staff, from the credit department to the account managers and warranty and recovery teams, operates out of a single office. We all work to make your experience purchasing a vehicle as seamless as possible.

When you call our office with a question about your account, you won't wait on hold for "the next available representative," someone with whom you've never spoken with before. Also, you won't be forced to speak with automated service that can make your phone call more frustrating than helpful.

You'll be transferred to your own account representative, the same staff member with whom you spoke the last time you contacted our office. Our account reps work tirelessly to help you through your loan to improve your credit and quality of life.

We have easy payment plans.
Most lenders only offer customers one payment option: monthly. RedRock Financial is different - we understand that budgeting a monthly payment can be difficult. Our solution is to split our customers' payments to weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly, depending on how our customers are paid.

Our customers appreciate the smaller payments set up according to their pay schedule so that they don't have to worry about whether or not they'll have the money to make the payment. It's also a great way to never miss a payment - every payday, their car payment is due.

We also have several options for making your payment. You're able to call our office to make a payment, make a one-time online payment, sign up for automatic payments or visit our office in North Olmsted. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover. You can also pay with an electronic check - all we need is your routing and account number! We also accept Money Orders (made out to RedRock Financial) and cash (in person).